July/August 2017
Available July 1
Cover and Contents are Subject to Change

Road Trip for Roadblocks
Karena Elliott offers 10 steps for onsite research to help find those difficult ancestors

DNA and Genealogy
Diahan Southard looks at ways to organize your DNA results

Forgotten Clues
Leslie Michele Derrough looks at how baby and funeral books can aid your research

Thomas Walker: Rebel with a Cause
Colleen Callahan Wells recounts her rebel Irish ancestor’s emigration to America, and eventual settlement in New Brunswick

Modern Day Genealogy: Preserve the Now!
Leslie Michele Derrough says we need to document the present for those in the future

Silhouettes of Silence: In Search of Imperfection
Sue Lisk offers seven tips to help you hunt down those maverick or black sheep ancestors

“Lost, Strayed, Mislaid, or Stolen”
David A. Norris examines lost and found ads as a genealogical resource

Transcribing – Let's Be Accurate
Diane L. Richard looks at the importance of precision when transcribing documents for historical accuracy

Pins, Staples, and Paper Clips
David A. Norris looks at the ties that bind our family documents together

Genealogical Research, Dementia and Caregiver Support
Marianne Perry explores the benefits of genealogical research and how it can help when caring for an elderly parent

Advice From the Pros
Diane L. Richard says, “Stop and smell the roses!”

The Back Page
Dave Obee warns: "Do not miss the little details"

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