November/December 2017
Available 1 November
Cover and Contents are Subject to Change

How to Scrapbook Your Photos
Lynn Cassity offers suggestions for how to properly preserve those treasured family photos

Advice from the Pros
Diane L. Richard looks at the benefits of historical research for genealogy

Secular Parish Records
David A. Norris looks at why colonial churches were an important source of local government records

Perfect Pitch
Sue Lisk reveals how smaller bit players in your family’s history can play a significant role in the overall picture

Dubuque’s Third Street Cemetery
Constance R. Cherba researches the history of an Iowa cemetery that was almost lost to time

Researching Postal Records
Diane L. Richard looks at geography, politics, religion and more as found in post office records

Buried Alive! A Grave Situation
Robbie Gorr discovers how a missed diagnosis of sleeping sickness caused the death of a distant ancestor

The Riddle of Patti Morris
Richard H. Goms Jr. details his attempts to solve the mystery of the life and death of a young girl in the 1930s, and his discovery of newfound cousins

Language and Genealogy
Gena Philibert-Ortega asks: "Have you researched at NARA? Not sure what NARA is, or what they have?"

The Back Page
Dave Obee encourages you to find your newsworthy ancestors

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