Jan/Feb 2017
Available January 1
Cover and Contents are Subject to Change

Uncovering Ancestral Mysteries: Teaching the Young Genealogist
Cindy Thomson looks at getting young genealogists involved in family history research

Understanding Calendars and Religious Feast Days in Germanic Research
Leland K. Meitzler looks at why dates in Germanic records aren’t always as they seem, and offers resources to help you figure them out

“Wait … Was this Name for a Great-great Aunt or a Great-great Uncle?”
David A. Norris looks at unisex names of the past

Resurrecting the Bellevue, Iowa, City Cemetery
Constance R. Cherba shows how a dedicated group of volunteers prevented a historic cemetery from being lost forever

The Family Tree Guide to DNA Testing and Genetic Genealogy
Lisa A. Alzo reviews an ideal resource by Blaine T. Bettinger

For The Love of God, What Kind of a Name is ‘Gottlieb’?
Robbie Gorr examines German Pietistic naming traditions

Rural Roots: A Far Piece From Brigadoon
Sue Lisk goes back to her roots in a small rural town in southwestern Quebec

A Wealth of Information
Mary F. Good Stansifer reveals the goldmine of information contained in the United States Federal Mortality Census

Bringing Your Ancestors to Life
Cameron Davis suggests how to tell their story so their descendants will really want to read it

Searching For Jane
James Breig describes the research challenges encountered when you only know the first name

Kindred Corner: Gratuitous Genealogy
Joe Grandinetti helps others discover the benefits of family research

The Back Page
Dave Obee discovers the joy in genealogical cruising

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