May/June 2017
Available May 1
Cover and Contents are Subject to Change

“Up a Creek without a Name”
David A. Norris looks at how you might be able to identify creeks, streams, branches and other waterways often seen on old documents and maps alive

Genealogy & The Lawy
Judy G. Russell says "Don't Forget the Ladies"

Pre-Vital Records — Where’s a Person to Look?
Diane L. Richard suggests when the searching gets tough, look at alternate sources for birth, marriage and death data

Finding Fortune in Canada’s Other Gold Rush
Pat Javor reveals the difficult life of her husband’s ancestor who came to Canada in the early 20th century to find his fortune in Northern Ontario

“Tracking Down Grandpa Graham”
Wynne Crombie sets out to find her grandfather’s grave in County Down

Nurse or Wife: An Early 20th Century Choice
George Matheson rediscovers his grandmother and her early life as a nurse through family photos and letters

The Reality of History and Its Impact on the Family Researcher
Russell H. Erganbright learns that you have to take the good with the bad when researching your ancestors

DNA & Genealogy
When it comes to DNA testing, Diahan Southard says: "Just keep it simple!"

Advice From the Pros
Diane L. Richard gives reasons for why you should contribute to a genealogical publication

An Epitaph for Thomas, Emmett and Grace Sowards
Sonya Tangsrud Dwyer solves the mystery of where three distant cousins were laid to rest

Ten Tips to Bust Through Family History Writer’s Block!
Lisa A. Alzo offers some ideas to tap into your creative muse to finally write that family history!

The Back Page
Dave Obee says DNA research is great, but don't forget your roots!

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