Mar/Apr 2017
Available March 1
Cover and Contents are Subject to Change

Honoring World War II Service Together
Jennifer Holik stresses the importance of recording your military ancestorís story and collaborating with other researchers and organizations to keep the memories alive

DNA & Genealogy
Diahan Southard looks at why DNA projects are a great way to enhance your genetic genealogy experience

Family in the Time of Plague
Sandy Hack looks at a surprising Find A Grave record and how it led to a father and sonís desperate journey

Matronymics and the Addition of Ann
Robbie Gorr examines the history of generational female names

Finding Robert Keable
Simon Keable-Elliott researches the Island of Tahiti to uncover the storied life of a grandfather he never knew

Did Your Ancestors Tune In?
David A. Norris looks at how radio may have played a part in your ancestorsí lives

Finding And Investigating Your Ancestorís WWI Diary
Margaret Moen offers some advice on locating WWI diaries and how it might help to illuminate your WWI ancestorís service

The Forgotten Fingerprints of Green Thumbs
Sue Lisk shows how to harvest important context for ancestors who worked the earth

Genealogy and the Law
Judy G. Russell looks at taking that first trip to the courthouse

Dealing with the Inevitable
Lisa A. Alzo explores the realities of bequeathing your family treasures and genealogical research

Advice from the Pros
Lisa A. Alzo shares how teaming up with another genealogy professional can help you build a better business

The Back Page
Dave Obee stresses the importance of talking to every living relative

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