May/June 2018
Available 1 May
Cover and Contents are Subject to Change

COVER STORY: A Family Scandal In The Headlines
Robbie Gorr recounts how using newspapers helped to unravel a family secret

Stairways to Heaven:
Searching for That Old Time Religion

Sue Lisk suggests five things to help you determine the religious or spiritual leanings of your ancestors

Genealogy & the Law
Judy G. Russell looks at DNA and Life after Death

The House That Once Was
George Matheson researches the home of his great grandparents

“Follow the Money”
Ed Storey recommends that you follow the advice of film noir era investigators when searching for asset-related records

Bank Checks and Genealogy
David A. Norris says that old cancelled checks can be a source of valuable family history

Tar Heels in Your Family Tree - Part 2
Diane L. Richard continues her look at history and record idiosyncrasies in North Carolina

The Irish in Victorian England – and How to Find Them
Joe Grandinetti offers some hints and resources to help in locating Irish ancestors who sought a better life across the Irish Sea

The Ins and Outs of Dragon Hunting
Sue Lisk offers strategies to help you slay those genealogical dragons

Advice From the Pros
Lisa A. Alzo offers advice for handling the unexpected while presenting at genealogy events

The Back Page
Dave Obee shines a light on future access to information for genealogists

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